a more equitable and enriched future demands diverse scientific leaders.

Our ultimate goal is to gain and share knowledge for the betterment of society. As scientists, we need to actively fight against oppression and disinformation. We believe that science is for everyone, and we must learn to effectively and inclusively share our science.

It is clear that a more equitable and enriched future demands diverse, rigorous, justice-oriented scientific leaders.

Our research goals are to enhance our understanding of the social determinants of pain, addiction, and mental health. We hope this work will lead to improved interventions and health outcomes for disadvantaged and underserved populations.

mentoring approach

As a mentor, I endeavor to create an inclusive environment where everyone can achieve their fullest potential. My passion is to contribute to the career and educational development of scientists inside and outside the laboratory, especially those from systemically marginalized groups and women in science.

I aspire to maintain an empowerment-oriented, patient, holistic and flexible mentorship style. I aim to support and encourage all of my trainees so we can all grow as scientists, academics, community members, and ultimately, as humans.

In this lab we believe

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black lives

gender is a

immigrants are welcome