A big welcome

July 1, 2023 | We are thrilled to announce that the Smith Lab is expanding! This summer, we welcome our new Project Scientist, Marcelo Aguilar-Rivera, and our 2 Laboratory Technicians, Parnaz Boroon and Thomas Perry. Your presence brings fresh perspectives, skills, and enthusiasm that will contribute to the success of the Smith Lab.

At the Smith Lab, we value not only scientific excellence but also the uniqueness of each individual. We have gathered some fun facts about each of our new members down below!


-He enjoys cooking cuisines from different cultures and mastering grilling for his family and friends.

-He loves listening to music and collecting vintage audio gear.

-In his spare time, he enjoys diving and spear fishing as well as skateboarding and riding bicycles with his daughters !

Feel free to visit his website: www.nervetools.com !


-She loves to blast Reggaeton 24/7 and enjoys other cultures’ music as well.

-Her favorite thing to do is to watch reality tv shows like Love Island UK, Vanderpump Rules, and Real Housewives of New Jersey.

-She has a hamster named Jennie that she loves and adores.


-He is an avid entomophile and likes to search for novel insect species. Right now, his favorite insect is the giraffe weevil.

-He is a naturalist and loves to explore nature.

-He lives with his partner and has a cat named Egg!

Welcome once again, and we look forward to witnessing your scientific growth and achievements!

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