SfN Minisyposium

November 14, 2022 2-4:40pm

Cortical Mechanisms of Pain Processing.

Featuring: Jing Wang (NYU), Edita Navratilova (ASU), Monique Smith, Matt Banghart (UCSD) and Ausaf Bari (UCLA).

This minisymposium will explore cortical circuits that process and regulate noxious sensory information to shape pain perception and expression. Speakers will discuss how expectation and biopsychosocial factors contribute to top-down control of pain and affect, how cortical circuits interact and are bidirectionally regulated by opioids to influence pain, a link between cortical spreading depression and trigeminal pain, and novel treatments based on open- and closed-loop cortical stimulation.


The minisyposium was well attended and very successful! Here is Dr. Smith finishing up her talk on the Neural Mechanisms of the Social transfer of Pain and Analgesia!

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